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Ingest & enrich data

Natural language processing

Detect subrogation potential

Next best actions by role & skill


Safekeep's Claimflo is the industry's most advanced subrogation & recovery platform, designed by recovery professionals from leading carriers


Recovery data

(internal & external)

Ingest structured & unstructured data

Claimflo ingests claims, claim notes, police reports, medical reports, and other third party data associated with the claim.

Tap into existing claims systems

Claimflo does not add yet another tool which claims professionals are forced to work with, making an already fragmented environment worse. Claimflo ingests data through accelerators with leading systems of record such as Guidewire Claims Center and Duck Creek.


Recovery language processing

Unlock the intelligence of claim notes

Claim notes are rich in details, but must be manually read by humans before decisions can be made. Claimflo uses semantic search built on industry-leading, patent-pending sentence encoding which recognizes key entities that enable the execution of predictive models.


Recovery detection & learning

Predictive models and regulatory rules

Safekeep runs predictive models for each line of business and monitors over 3,000 regulatory rules for all 50 states. It comprehensively and consistently runs rules at scale so that claims professionals spend less time going through mental checklists or legal reference manuals. They spend more time focusing on what they do best -- serving the policyholder.

Flag related claims with recovery potential

Claimflo identifies relationships that may warrant further review by recovery. Are there other claims you should be looking at? Take out the guess work. Take action based on facts, not hunches.




Diaries and next actions

Don't waste time on false positives. Work on claims that actually require your attention. Claimflo derives its subrogation score based on the most comprehensive predictive models and rule inventory in the industry. Claimflo can also work with pre-existing models from your data science team to augment your own predictions.

Predict recovery rates and costs

Our predictive models get better at predicting recovery amounts based on a feedback loop from actual recovery rates. Measure improvements on recover rates by state, product line, processor, business class, and other variables.

Manage & track productivity by skill, LOB, geo

Whether you're head of claims, an AVP, team leader, or individual contributor, drill-down or roll-up measure recovery amounts according to your role.




"This is a game-changer. We can increase recoveries without adding head count."

- Head of Claims

The pain

  • Too many incorrect referrals or false positives

  • Inability to recover claims at scale

  • Hiring more headcount to handle more claims volume

The solution

  • Predict recovery potential in auto, property, workers comp, and general liability claims

  • Ingest unstructured evidence

  • Discover new relationships

  • Reduced false positives

  • Multiple parties, one workflow

The business value

  • Claimflo discovered over 30% more recovery potential than the legacy process and systems

  • Significant reduction in cycles times and effort

Let's work together

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