Configurable insurance business rules that orchestrate claims and underwriting workflows


An app for policyholders and claimants to submit first notice of loss or injury, triggering rules that drive next steps.


Optimally deploy field and back office staff for investigation on claims with likely fraud & recovery.


Identify profitable P&C submissions in every step - intake, triage, evaluation, and assembly.


Business rule library for your workflow

Safekeep's Flo Platform applies business rules and natural language processing to orchestrate workflows across business lines and functional areas in insurance. Each workflow consists of four steps: intake, routing/triage, evaluation, and action.

01 Intake

Enrich digital forms

Transform ACORD forms, product-specific questionnaires, and claims documents into configurable digital forms and prefill them according to your own rules.

Extract data

Extract data from PDF attachments in email and pre-fill your digital forms.

Select data sources

Select batch and API sources of intake whether it be your CRM, third party data sources, policy admin system, and more.

02 Route

Triage work

Configure business rules that filter tasks such as submissions and claims. For example, triage submissions based on appetite, business class, and more.

Assign work

Configure business rules that determine which tasks are automated “flow” vs high-touch human tasks that require approvals.

03 Evaluate

Prioritize work

Configure business rules that help you work on the most pressing renewals, new business, and claims.

Augment decisions

Tap into an on-demand marketplace of 3rd party data, contextualized by client segments, risk classes, and more.

Contextual communication

Chat and handle documents in secure & private channels.

04 Act

Next best actions

Pre-define and see actions in context of a client, submission, claim, opportunity, or other objects you add and configure.

Track progress

Advance your tasks based on business rules for case and submission completion, product line, industry, client attributes, human approvals, and more.

Measure & Improve

A/B test the impact of your actions at the corporate, wholesaler, agency, and producer level in terms you understand: the value of your book of business.





This insurer needed to run over 60 business rules to identify cross-sell opportunities based on products purchased, household life events, and engagement activities.


Faced with a growing volume of inbound claims, this insurer needed to separate auto-adjudicated claims from complex claims requiring human investigation.


This insurer needed to profitably underwrite submissions faster in mid-market commercial lines for intake, triage, evaluation, and proposal assembly.



Safekeep Labs is an NYC-based enterprise cloud company that focuses on AI-guided straight-through processing for engagement and back office processing in financial services. Our solutions have been selected as Finalists in the Zurich Innovation Championship, MassChallenge, and Efma-Accenture Insurance Innovation Award.

Our mission 

Make it easier to configure "human understandable" business rules that drive next best actions for customer engagement and back office workflow by applying the principles of lean six sigma.

Who we are

We are a team of financial advisors, insurance producers, underwriters, data scientists, UX designers, and technologists from the world's leading insurance and  wealth firms. Our careers began and remain in financial services innovation, and we're addressing the pains we personally felt as consumers and enterprise users.

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