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 No-hassle recovery services at lower contingencies 

Zero setup



Increase recovery potential


No-hassle, secure data exchange


Bank Grade Security

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Personal & Commercial

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Personal & Commercial

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Health & Group Disability




We are the world's only digital-first recovery service

Technology-driven recovery gains

Having been in your shoes on the carrier side, we understand how manual and cumbersome processes have become. From the very start, we sought to improve recovery rates and efficiencies through machine-learning, automated regulatory rules, natural language processing, and recovery-specific workflows. The result: we are better than incumbent solutions by as much as a factor of 10. Our efficiency gains translate to savings which we pass on to you. 

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Our proven digital-first recovery methods are designed by engineers and data scientists who work inseparably with our full-time team of veteran recovery professionals who each have over 15 years of building and growing subrogation units in their respective lines of business.


Our experts have a track record of driving consistent 30%+ growth in recoveries inside carriers.

We know your pain first-hand in dealing with legacy processes. So we sought to

re-invent a recovery services experience that aligns with your profit objectives and augments your in-house subro and data science teams.


End-to-end. From the ground up.

No dollar left behind.



We enable no-hassle, secure

data exchange

We plug into your existing claims systems

Our recovery service can ingest data through pre-built accelerators with your existing systems of record such as Guidewire Claims Center and Duck Creek. If you're running home-grown systems, we invest in mapping to them.

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Batch feeds

Want to send us data in regular batch? No problem. We can handle it.

Security review

Security review? No problem. We've passed security review with the industry's leading institutions. Why do insurers trust us?


  • Because we take security seriously. We're audited and certified by independent third parties, and are SOC 2 Type 2 compliant.

  • We partner only with industry leaders such as AWS, Guidewire, Duck Creek, Salesforce, ServiceNow, ACORD, and leading system integrators. They themselves have rigorous security standards for their partners.

  • Our employees are all U.S.-based, have undergone rigorous background checks and security clearance, and must undergo continuous training and certification on security and ethics compliance.

  • We do not offshore or subcontract to anyone. Our efficiencies come from our technology, not from cutting corners on our people.

  • We are happy to explore deployment options that suit your unique security requirements.

  • We are fully insured.

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We get paid only on what we recover

Simple pricing model

We have a proven method and roadmap. If we don't increase your net recoveries, we shouldn't get paid. Simple as that.

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Lower fees

Our services unit uses Claimflo which has generated over 75% reduction in manual effort for certain lines of business from file opening to checks in the door. Those efficiencies translate to savings which we pass on to you in the form of lower contingency fees.


We're not a vendor. 

We're an innovation partner.


Your digital transformation partner

Having been in your shoes on the insurer's side, we know first-hand the obstacles you face in claims modernization. You want to benefit from emerging claims innovations such as telematics, machine vision, richer third-party data, drones, and more. But you feel stuck. As your innovation partner, we are not only thinking about quick wins in recovery today, but also long-term innovations that would benefit your recovery operation in the future. We will co-invest in those innovations with you. That's why insurers work with us.

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We complement your in-house teams

Have an existing in-house subro team? Have existing predictive models? No problem. We'll work with you to figure out which unaddressed areas to focus on. Our goal is to be additive to your existing subrogation efforts.

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Building a recovery unit from scratch?

No problem. We will provide a recovery-in-a-box solution that includes the technology and a recovery center of excellence. Whether you are a regional carrier or a new insurtech, we'll configure your subrogation unit for your business model and specific line (auto, workers comp, property, general liability, health and group disability). We'll get you up and running within 3 months.



"This is a game-changer. We can increase recoveries without adding head count."

- Head of Salvage, SIU, and Subrogation

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The pain

  • Too many incorrect referrals or false positives

  • Inability to recover claims at scale

  • Hiring more headcount to handle more claims volume

The solution

  • Predict recovery potential in auto, property, workers comp, and general liability claims

  • Ingest unstructured evidence

  • Discover new relationships

  • Reduced false positives

  • Multiple parties, one workflow

The business value

  • Claimflo discovered over 30% more recovery potential than the legacy process and systems

  • Significant reduction in cycles times and effort


Trusted Innovator to the World's Leading Insurance Organizations

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